I had no hope since my father passed away in a car accident and mother died of HIV / AIDS. They left three of us in the family. I applied to NVI and was successful. It surprised me so much because I thought life had come to an end. I am very happy to be here and promise to work hard on my course. 
Bateganya Moses

I promise to work hard and acquire skills in order to have a bright future.
I had no hope but you have given me hope. For that I thank you so much.
Mutumba Joseph Aggrey

After my parents died we were left just helpless, I ended at P7 in school. I was left redundant at home just practising some agriculture for home use then my aunt told me about this sponsorship at NVI. I really thank you and your family for having such glorious hearts of helping us, the orphans, and I promise to work hard in my studies.
Idwarit Bosco

I lost my father due to HIV/AIDS and I had no hope for the future. Everyone rejected me and I had no money to go to secondary school since my father passed away. He left three wives and six children of which I am the eldest.
Magala Ivan

I don’t have the right words to express my gratitude to you for sponsoring me at NVI. Please accept my humble thanks to you
Keminagano Hellen

By the time I learnt that I have a sponsor, I was very happy and I took this news as a miracle in my life
Monday Gaston

…ever since I joined NVI my life has changed positively
Bogere Bonny

My father died of cerebral malaria in 2003 on 9th November. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers in my family. I was just sitting at home digging without going to school because I didn’t have support. The reason for studying electrical installation is that I want to become an engineer so that I can plan for my future life and help my brothers and sisters.
Wejuli George William