To discuss sponsoring an individual student please contact Christine Booth, UgandAid Co-ordinator. 

Alternatively download a Sponsorship Application form and post it to the address below and we will contact you direct.

UgandAid Sponsorship at Nile Vocational Institute


£39 per month provides everything for the student whist they are at NVI. This includes food, accommodation, education, clothing, health care and a four month industrial training placement towards the end of the course. As a result of this sponsorship your student will gain invaluable  experience and  training and over 90% of students go on to full time employment on completion. 

When UgandAid started in 2002 the monthly cost reflected the exchange rate at the time.  This was actually just below our outgoing payments to NVI and we were reliant on gift aid returns to cover costs such as stationery, postage, website etc . However, since 2002 the exchange rate has moved in our favour so monthly payments currently more than cover our actual outgoings to NVI. However, all money in the UgandAid Vocational Training Scheme including gift aid returns is exclusively used :

a)         to sponsor more students

b)        to ‘buffer’ a  number of students at the start of each year in the expectation of finding them a sponsor during the year

c)          to meet the modest ongoing costs of keeping UgandAid afloat. UgandAid is run entirely by volunteers, so overheads are minimal. 

While the exchange rate is beneficial we are able to sponsor more students at NVI. Exchange rate movement is regularly monitored and assessments made to ensure UgandAid always holds adequate funds to meet the ongoing costs of our sponsored students. 

Sponsorship period

Most students spend 3 years at NVI. Sponsorship money supports the whole process from selection through to a comprehensive follow up programme (which goes well beyond the study period) and equipping students with appropriate tools for their future work. 

What if someone cannot continue to pay for the sponsorship due to unforeseen circumstances?

We encourage sponsors to cover the full 3 years. However, if you are not able to continue please contact the UgandAid Co-ordinator. We may be able to come up with alternative arrangement for that student’s sponsorship.

Are all the students at NVI sponsored through UgandAid?

No, UgandAid has only sponsored young people at NVI since 2002 .  Some students pay their own fees, and there are a few students sponsored by other means. UgandAid is the largest individual group sponsoring students. NVI still has capacity to take more students and is looking for as many sponsors as possible. 


We encourage sponsors to write to their student.  The official language in Uganda is English so there is no problem regarding translation, although it may be necessary to be careful with choice of words to describe something. We suggest you avoid reference to material wealth. Choose topics you might have in common, eg area of study, hobbies, and of course sport!!   You can write a letter and send to the co-ordinator, who will send them in packages to help reduce postage costs or you can write to your student online.   At various times during the year students are encouraged to send letters to their sponsors, though this is not compulsory.  Correspondence from Uganda will be will be sent to the UK co-ordinator and distributed accordingly.  Students are not given their sponsor’s contact details. Some people choose to give their student their address,  e mail or use Facebook etc , but that is a choice made by sponsors. 

We suggest you don’t send monetary gifts by post. (Anyone meeting their student in person may wish to give them some cash, but this is looked after in the office at NVI for safety) However feel free to send small paper gifts which are easy to post, eg postcards, family/group photographs so the student knows who you are. Birthday and Christmas cards are excellent items to send and will probably be treasured.  

Visiting students

It may be possible for you to visit the young person you sponsor. If you wish to do so, contact the UgandAid co-ordinator for advice. You may wish to visit Uganda as part of a team, and this can be arranged. (see team visits link) However, if you are visiting Uganda anyway and wish to see your student at NVI we can make the arrangements if we have plenty of notice. 

UgandAid appears to be linked with Altrincham Baptist Church – does any money go to the church?

Although UgandAid is linked with Altrincham Baptist Church and administered by members of the church, it functions separately. A secondary account of the church is used for UgandAid and we are able to use its charity status to reclaim tax from gift-aided contributions. All reclaimed tax from UgandAid contributions stays within the UgandAid scheme and does not go to the church.