Man City V Man U

Thursday 9th

Another full day at Kathy’s Centre for most of the team saw all the walls and windows painted – so we felt very pleased with ourselves. We had broken the back of the work – a precursor for the journey back!

While there, Eddie kitted out two little ‘uns in tops and shorts of Manchester City – he has since been reported for child cruelty!! Come on you reds!

Jan, Helen and Geoff have been doing planning meetings with Gospel Cross for training programs, and Christine and Steve spent many hours in meetings at NVI today.

In the evening we all re-grouped and met with Joseph, the UgandAid coordinator at NVI, and pastor Alfred from Nile Baptist Church. Both shard a bit of their inspirational stories, and how much difference is being made to lives through sponsorship.

Only a short blog today because it’s been a long and hot one.