Geoff and Julie's chance encounter

After a most interesting morning at Kathy’s Centre, we decided to go into Jinja to change our money, have a bite to eat and then for some of us some retail therapy.

Our first stop was the bank where we soon felt like naughty school children. We were commanded to form an orderly line in front of the counter by a fearsome female crowd controller. We were told off each time we got out of line – the lady brooked no argument.

After lunch at the Source Café, we went off to browse the nearby shops. Within 5 minutes Geoff – who else you might say - sat on a chair next to a young lady tasked with relieving tourists of their cash. Noticing we were muzungus, she asked if we were involved with a charity. He said we were with UgandAid, and she immediately asked, ‘where are Geoff and Julie?’ Totally shocked I said I was Geoff, whereupon she took off my hat and pronounced that to be true. Julie then appeared to many hugs and much joy, followed by Joan, Pauline, Jane, Eddie and David. It transpired that she graduated from NVI 3 years ago and remembered us from then.

It was a lovely moment.