Friday Fish 'n' Chips

Friday 10th

And so today many went their separate way – the majority however returned, on the excuse of a road, to Kathy’s Centre. The team worked hard doing the final painting, cleaning and the design and creation of a mural courtesy of Naomi T, Marshie, Annabel and Sue, in a colourful and clever kite shape. Tomorrow we just need to finish the mural and paint the kindergarten floor.

Ola’s can-do attitude led her to driving the mini-bus for the first time, navigating post holes to rival craters on the moon. She also set up a foot clinic at NVI for the day, dealing with a queue of corns, line of limps and a curious collection of other pedal problems.

The day was finished with a great curry in Jinja – this is apart from Geoff who chose good ol’ Fish ‘n’ Chips – well, it was Friday!