Netball in the rain

Friday 17th

In the school bus we headed to a love pizza restaurant overlooking lake Victoria for lunch. The route took us past the old golf course where colonials played and were allowed a free drop if the ball came to rest in the footprint of a hippo!

The restaurant was across the road from Gospel Cross, where Betty and Chris have been hosting Dr Jan and her team all week. As it was the last day, certificates were presented to the CORPS, and doing what Ugandan’s do best, giving speeches.

The afternoon took us back to NVI to meet the new students and to take part in a sports afternoon with a game of netball in the rain (how very British!). Amazingly, we won 8-7, but I have no idea how. The UgandAid students also beat the staff at a football match, making it a clean sweep for UgandAid!

The day ended with a few relaxing drinks, but not until we had made hundreds of jam and peanut butties for breakfast at Masese tomorrow morning.