Day 7 - Rafting and the Haven

Helen and Jan arrived in Jinja yesterday to complete the team.  We are now 24.

Today is officially a day off so 8 intrepid adventurers headed off to brave the Nile rapids: Eamon, Emily, Isaac, Laurie, Paul, Peter, Richard and Stuart.

Phil, Yvonne, Christine and Ness paid a quick introductory visit to Walakuba East Primary School while Tony, Naomi and Ritchie went into Jinja. Pauline made more phonic resources; Gill, Sheila and Angie wound skeins of wool into balls.  Jan and Helen sorted out cases full of clothes, Steve worked on the accounts, Andrew worked on his sermon for Sunday.

Most of the non-rafters spent the rest of the day at The Haven – a beautiful spot with an amazing view over the first set of the rafters’ rapids on the river Nile.  A temporary office was set up on the outdoor tables and lots of talking, discussion, planning, preparation and blogging completed.