Chicken, chicken, dog

A wonderful day with NVI (Nile Vocational Institute), where we were the guests of honor at their Sunday service. Front row seats at the most joyous and musical Sunday service I have ever attended with one particular singer, better than anyone I have seen on any talent show.

Old friends met old friends and new became new friends – it was a special morning.

Then organized chaos took over in the afternoon as under the eye of school teacher Naomi T led us and all the UgandAid students in games. From egg and spoon (expert cheating again), to the more energetic and mad “chicken, chicken, dog” – ask me for rules later!

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 06.09.03.png

The students had a whale of a time, as did we, and the treat of cake, sodas and ice cream put the cheery on the top. Add to that a view to die for over the source of the Nile and it was a very splendid day indeed.