Julie H’s Spotlight

This is my first trip to Uganda. I’ve always said ever since my son James visited Uganda I wanted to see it and follow in his footsteps and that what I did and no one was stopping me. I feel now that it’s my second home and the people of Uganda are my family. NVI is an amazing place for students. We visit it often and the welcoming is incredible.

Seeing My son’s plaque there on the wall brought tears and joy to my eyes I feel so proud of everyone. Meeting Solomon the little boy on the photograph was a dream come true also his mother and uncle. What a beautiful young boy he his. It brought joy in my heart. Also meeting James Julius, I was so excited to see him sitting in the church on Sunday and all he kept saying to me was Thankyou Thankyou for everything. He showed me his certificate’s also. His smile was unbelievable and it melts my heart .

So Everyone here in Uganda Thankyou and I Love You .xx