The decorating project

The Team 2 decorating project is focussed on the Hairdressing Department at NVI. But it will be far more than decorating. Can you imagine learning all aspects of hairdressing in a room that was previously an engineering department with no running water, only 1 broken mirror, walls so black that it was impossible to take a photograph of the students? A room with the remains of heavy machinery anchor points, raised concrete platforms and stanchions all there as serious trip hazards in the half light. A room with so many holes in the roof, it was impossible to use when it rained. You are beginning to get a picture of the hairdressing department.

This project has already become an amazing partnership between various NVI departments and the UgandAid team thanks to the efforts of Tony.

The hairdressing students agreed to scrub the walls and floor in preparation for painting. They started on Thursday and were still hard at it when we arrived on Friday morning. They were all dressed as if for a normal day’s lessons, yet they waded around in the floods of water, scrubbed the walls with great vigour and with much hilarity. Their effort and energy was amazing.

The Building and Concrete Practice Department undertook to remove all the stanchions and concrete platforms etc. They also agreed to insert two new skylights and replace many broken tiles. They worked tirelessly and before the end of the day had completed all the work and made good the floor. You might want to question their safe working practices but definitely not their energy.

The Plumbing Department are arranging a new water supply to the room and making provision for water waste. Three new sinks will be installed. The Electrical Installation Department are to update the electrics to allow three wall mounted hair driers to be installed. The Welding Department removed the steel stanchion and provided running repairs to the sledge hammer. The Motor Vehicle Maintenance Department provided loads of kit for the work.

Amidst all this activity two of the UgandAid team started putting on the undercoat on the walls at high level. It was slow work with one stationed at the bottom of the ladder and the other working amongst the rafters. But it was a good start for when the whole team joins in tomorrow.

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