Pot holes in the sky

Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd

As we prepared to leave, we reflected on what has been given this trip, and more importantly, what we have received. The overwhelming feeling was that we have received far more than we’ve given. The friendships we’ve nurtured over the years are really worth celebrating as they provide the trust needed to make a positive change in Uganda. We can offer resources, knowledge and hope, but it’s the Ugandan people who drive change

Christine talked of the student she and Peter have sponsored at NVI for four years. His father died many years ago, leaving the family to struggle in poverty. What he did receive was a piece of land, his inheritance. The student is so thankful for the training he’s received at NVI and opportunity given that he offered the land to be used for UgandAid, for training others in useful skills. This young man has very little in life, and is prepared to give it all away.

We’ve been touched by the sincere thanks and stories of hope throughout the trip, and were reminded of the time Geoff and Julie’s student’s family gave them a bic biro. They have nothing, this is all they could offer in thanks, but the gesture is so special.

Going back home to a place where we have so much, I (Naomi B) feel immense gratitude for what we have, and also sometimes that I could do and give more. 

The journey home was not without it’s funny stories. From Ola accosting a stranger in Entebbe airport and embarking on a conversation only to realize when he turned round that it wasn’t marshy, to Naomi T hitting another passenger in the head with falling flip-flops from the overhead cabins. The prize of the day must go to Julie C for setting off the smoke detector in the plane toilets by spraying deodorant and being met by 4 cabin crew who were less than impressed! After some significant turbulence between Entebbe and Kigali (even in the sky you can’t escape African pot holes!), and a long journey back, the team all arrived safely in Manchester on Wednesday morning.

Over the next few months we’ll start putting together names for next years trip. If you’re ready to have your heart moved and cry with both laughter and sadness, please get in touch with Christine Booth.