Day 12 - Macedonian Vision Africa Project & Boat Trip


Today we were taken to the Macedonian Vision Africa (MVA) project, created and run by Pasteur Alfred.


Pasteur Alfred purchased the land over 15 years ago and time spent every day walking around the perimeter, praying that eventually it would become a training institute specifically for the young people of the Masese slum area.


We received a warm welcome from Pasteur Alfred’s daughter, Christine.  Christine is in charge of the girls who stay at the institute in their off site dormitories to keep them safe.


Christine spends most of her time working in the neighbouring Masese slum, encouraging the girls to come to the institute to train rather than remain in poverty.


Christine was attacked in December after encouraging one of the girls to continue with her training instead of entering into a forced marriage after having a baby.  This meant that her guardians missed out on the normal dowry and it is suspected that they organised the attack as a reprisal.  This was then followed up by an arson attack on the dormitory itself, which destroyed all of Christine’s personal belongings.  Thankfully no one was harmed on this occasion, but it highlights NVA’s highest priority, which is to raise funds in order to purchase an on site dormitory where the students will be safe.

The morning ended with a walk through the Masese slum with Christine followed by lunch provided by Pasteur Alfreds wife, Rose.  We finally met Pasteur Alfred after lunch where he gave some brief word’s.

The day was completed with boat trip around Lake Victoria and the source of the River Nile.