Stuart's Spotlight

It is ten years since I was last in Uganda.  The journey from Entebe to Jinja is the same fascinating experience.  The increase in new buildings and businesses was apparent.   The welcome that we have received is spectacular and the joy of the people that we meet is overwhelming.

The project at NVI, cleaning and painting two classrooms, was completed in good time.  The teachers and students were so please to see the Ugandaid team.

It is a testament to the years of relationship between Ugandaid and NVI that so many students have been sponsored and lives transformed.

My experiences have been working on the project, Sunday morning service at NVI, games in the park with 150 students and white water rafting.  But, the thing that stands out is the love, joy and dedication and determination of the staff and students at NVI to improve life for the student.

Thanks to the Ugandaid team for organising this 2018 trip and thank you to the team that has worked so well together.