A UgandAid student's story

Wilson, aged 19, lives in Eastern Uganda and lost his father in an accident. His family is very poor because his mother struggles to support the family.

Wilson applied to NVI and was called for interview. He set off with a few shillings in his pocket. It was not enough to pay for his journey to Jinja. So he travelled on the top of a lorry for the first part of the journey. When he got to Soroti he was able to catch a bus to Jinja. He slept the night on the floor of the Jinja bus station.

Wilson arrived for interview dishevelled, exhausted and very hungry. The interview panel heard his story and their hearts went out to him. He was given a bed for the night and the NVI staff made sure he was well fed and cared for.

Having realised that the money he had left would not get him home the staff each contributed what they could to give enough money for the fare.

Last week Wilson joined NVI to study motor vehicle mechanics, and he now has every chance of turning his life around.

It is for young people such as Wilson, the poorest and most vulnerable, that UgandAid exists.

This entry by Christine