The story of Mary Faith and her sponsors

In 2013 we came to Uganda and decided to choose a student to sponsor. Fortunately we were able to select one from a list – we could not have coped with making a choice from a sea of hopeful faces. After praying, we independently chose Mary Faith. We were told that both parents had died and at 20 years of age she was starting a 3 year course in hairdressing. She had only received primary education. We then met her and we both instantly felt a connection. It was a joy to spend time with her and to communicate through stilted English together with actions and a lot of hugging. She said she had been praying for a sponsor and now she had two. We were instantly christened Mummy Pauline and Mummy Jane.

We were able to meet up with Mary Faith on subsequent UgandAid trips. We were able to take her out and even bring her back to the hotel for a swim in the pool – a new experience for her. We loved taking her to the market (where we were the only mzungus) to buy her clothes.

We have returned to Uganda after a gap of 3 years. Mary Faith graduated a couple of years ago near the top of her class. We have been re-united with her – it has been wonderful to see what a confident young woman of faith she has become. She has been working in a hair salon and has been able to help support her brothers and sisters. Unfortunately the salon closed so she is now relying on private work for friends. We are sure that with her faith, determination and the good grounding that NVI has given her, she will soon get another job. This is what Mary Faith had to say:

“Because of UgandAid I am somebody in this world; I was someone who was a nobody. I thank God for the UgandAid team, for the love and care they have given me since I first joined NVI. I am now able to earn some money for my living in this world. God has given me a very special thing and I cannot take for granted the two beautiful souls who sponsored me for a hairdressing course. They have supported me through the course and are still interested in my life – they are my lovely mummies and I love them so much. May God bless them both abundantly and may the good Lord reward them and UgandAid.”

It has been a privilege to be part of this young person’s life.

We are now sponsoring another student and it has been a great joy to meet her.

Update Saturday 10th March

When Pauline and Jane were with Mary Faith last week, they prayed with her particularly that she would find a new full time job. We heard this morning that she has been offered a job in a new hair salon and starts work on Monday.

Blog entry by Pauline and Jane

Jane, Mary Faith and Pauline

Jane, Mary Faith and Pauline