News from ex-students

Wednesday 8th

Today we learned what Ugandan irony is – speed bumps on a road that is impossible to go aster than 10mph on!

If yesterday’s journey was a traffic nightmare, today’s was a tarmac (or lack of) nightmare. It did, however, take us to a very special place – Kathy’s centre.

A women’s centre for social and physical health care built in the memory of Kathy Smedley (see earlier blog).

Kathy and her husband Martin, started Act4Africa to use drama to educate the populous about the dangers of AIDS and other such illnesses. Kathy was part of the very first ABC trip, but sadly passed away in 2014. Kathy would have been thrilled to see her dream project in full flow and with many of her old friends with paint brushes in their hands.

Two students of NVI, Yuda and Bonny, where proudly working on the build under the watchful eye of their boss Japheth – also an old boy of NVI. Yuda and Bonny were sponsored through UgandAid, and expressed sincere appreciation and thanks for the way UgandAid has changed their lives.

Julie won the right to a special mention by ending the day with as much red paint on her as the door she was painting. She looked like an extra for a 1960’s horror film!

One last piece of joyous news was a letter written to all of us by another ex-student. Juliet – now working at the hotel and so very grateful for all UgandAid has done for her.

We’re back at Kathy’s Centre tomorrow – really looking forward to the journey!!