Annie’s Spotlight

A lot of people live their lives solely for themselves, but on this trip I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from people that live so much of their life for others. They all have the kindest hearts and so much love, which they have shared with the people in this country that need and deserve it. I feel so lucky to be a member of the UgandAid team this year and to witness and make a small contribution to their ongoing work.

A highlight of my trip was when I met Amina, a student who has just started at NVI, who has lost both of her parents. We visited her village, where we received an amazingly warm (and loud!) welcome. Amina affectionately called Geoff and Julie - who are great friends of her sister Janet - her Mum and Dad. She then turned to me and called me her sister, and that was when I decided to sponsor her through her three year hairdressing course at NVI. I also met Amos, a student who is sponsored by the company that I work for. He is a wonderful, funny and ambitious young man and I feel so incredibly proud of him.

It has astounded me how the people we have met have invited us all into their homes and their hearts. They value friendship and family in a way that many do not, and when they are given opportunities, they selflessly share the rewards with all those they care about. It is difficult for those of us that have been more fortunate in life to envisage how we can make a difference to those less fortunate. There is so much poverty in the world that is it easy to think you could not change a thing. This trip and this charity overwhelmingly demonstrates that this is not true, and they set an example to me and us all.