Richard's Spotlight

Throughout my time in Uganda so far, through all the things we have done and people we have met, the one thing that is hugely apparent is the amazing work that Ugandaid have done here over the last 18 years.  It is humbling to see the relationships that have been built up over the years and the expression on people’s faces when we arrive and the gratitude that is shown.

My time here and the help I have provided is a drop in the ocean compared to the work NVI have done here over the years.  I am so grateful to have been invited along and to have been given the opportunity to experience this wonderful country and its people and to give as much as I can.

There have been so many experiences throughout my time here, from the journey to Jinja, painting classrooms and NVI, the Sunday service at NVI, games in the park with the NVI students, white water rafting and the trip to the village, it is impossible to single one out. 

The team on this trip, the majority of which are first timers in Uganda, have made this trip for me.  I couldn’t have asked for a more kind, loving and helpful group of people to experience this with.