Emmanuel's story

24 year old Emmanuel is an inspiration and a true testament to the power of vocational training and sponsorship. 

Emmanuel is a bright, engaging, confident and chatty young man. 


He grew up in the north of Uganda with 7 siblings. Three have sadly already passed away. With one of his brothers, he resorted to living on the street to escape the family who were wasting their lives with drinking and not working. He met an ex NVI student who recommended NVI and his application was successful. 

5 years later, he's completed 2 courses at NVI, starting with 3 years of Junior level motor vehicle mechanics, then 2 years on the more advanced Craft course. 

Whilst at NVI he took opportunities such as joining the gymnastics club (imagine human pyramids and jumping through hoops on fire). Emma was also proactive in establishing community initiatives to help encourage and aid those in poverty in the local rural areas. 

He's currently working as a mechanic in Kampala at The Cooper Motor Corporation Ltd, and also with an Indian company (Avianaerospace) to introduce drone technology to Uganda. 

I cant do justice to the words he used when he told us a little about his life. He spoke passionately about NVI, the skills he has gained and his plans for the future. 

He has incredible self belief, and rightly so. It's  men like Emmanuel who are changing Uganda for the better. His aim for the future is to be successful. When asked what he ment by this, he said simply for him this means:
- being happy
- changing his family for the better, and
- giving back to his country by support others and sponsoring children through education

His desire to raise up the next generation of Ugandans brought tears to many eyes.