The Jinja Brass Band update

When we were leaving the hotel this morning, Sue and I saw Christine talking to Paul Tenywa. He was handing her two large brown paper packages – one trombone shaped and one cornet shaped. We were curious. She introduced us and explained that Gareth Brown had met Paul in 2002. A couple of years later Gareth and Tracy came out again on a UgandAid trip. Over several years Gareth arranged for the team to bring out brass instruments which enabled Paul to set up a brass band. That was a story we both remembered well.

It turns out that the band is still operational and they perform at all sorts of functions such as weddings etc. Paul explained that the money it earns funds the FACT Child Outreach Ministry which Paul leads.

The organisation provides emotional support for children who have been traumatised. That includes teenage mothers who have been shunned by their communities. He provides shelter for the mothers and nurseries for the children. He trains the young mothers to go into schools to counsel the girls to avoid young pregnancies. He also uses them to council other young mothers who have yet to get their lives back on track. They will be traumatised and ashamed by their circumstances and need to be convinced they have value as human beings and they can have a future.

Neil Stanton (ex ABC) who was in Tanzania for 3 years and has since trained for the ministry, has strong links with the African Pastor’s Association. On one of his recent visits he met Paul and agreed to arrange to have some instruments repaired in the UK. Paul was here to hand over them over to Christine to be taken back to the UK.

Just another wonderful story which has had impact lasting 16 years and which is on-going.

Blog entry by David

Paul Tenywa - Head of FACT

Paul Tenywa - Head of FACT