Not such a manic Monday


After breakfast, some of the team headed back up to Masese Co-Ed for their weekly assembly. Geoff, Rachel, Lyndsey and Anne were very kindly driven up and met by Christine (the headteacher) and her staff. They were honoured to be sat at the front of the assembly, which was held outside under some trees. They were also joined by the rest of the teaching staff and a local priest. The assembly started with the children singing the Ugandan National Anthem, followed by the East African anthem and school anthem. The priest then led the children in some prayers, before the team were introduced. It was lovely to see so many children attending school. Rachel and Anne will be returning tomorrow to observe and teach some lessons.

Once everyone was back together again at the hotel, most of the team headed up to a hotel/campsite about half an hour away called the Haven, which is one of the most relaxing places, with spectacular views over the Nile.  Richard and James were feeling adventurous however, and they set off for an action packed day of white water rafting! They managed to stay in the raft for some of the rapids, but were spectacularly tipped out on the last rapid and all thrown into the Nile.

It was a much needed day of relaxation for most of the team and adrenaline for the two daredevils!