The grain storage project

Peter has been working on a grain storage project designed to be used in the villages. The storage containers are best described as sealed plastic drums. The object is to have storage facilities to protect grain from damp and insect damage. The grain therefore lasts longer and can be sold when prices are higher.

Peter had some drums installed in a number of villages last year. Over the last few days he has been travelling out to the villages to assess the progress on the grain storage work. Everyone who has installed one of these air tight containers that he has spoken to has reported that they are a great success. They say they are able to store their grain for several months after harvest with zero loss. Because their grain is without insect infestations they can get a better price for it. And that improves further if they wait to sell when prices are higher. Their increased income will help to pay for school fees and essential medicines.

The challenge for Peter is how to take this project forward . . .

Information provided by Peter


Grain storage container.jpg
Grain storage container 2.jpg