Ultraviolet light

Saturday 11th

Your starter for ten… how many letters in the alphabet? Not the Greek alphabet, or the Russian, just the plain and simple alphabet that runs fromA for apple to Z for Zebra? 26 right?

Not if you are Marshie who in his design of the alphabet mural used only 24! Was it his fear of too much Ugandan sunshine that made him leave out U and V (Ultraviolet – for anyone who needs the joke explaining)?

Luckily it was spotted by mike (obviously a man of letters) and corrected by our resident touch up artist Annabel. Kathy’s Centre is painted! Well done to everyone.

A group visited MVA led by Julie and Nigel and had great fun playing games with the children. Some very expert cheating occurred in musical chairs, and there were no intact eggs left at the end of the egg and spoon race.

Finally for tonight, a story of my own. Eddie and I (Duncan) were almost arrested today for taking a photo of the old colonial police station in jinja, complete with frontage a la Dixon of Dock Green. We were eventually allowed to go on our way by pleading ignorance and stupidity, both totally believable.

In the evening Naomi T had great difficulty preparing the team for game with the UgandAid students tomorrow. Adults are far harder to tech than children!

Night night, zzzzzz.