Pauline's Spotlight


“This is my first trip to Uganda, which has been superbly organized by Ugandaid.  There have been so many wonderful and thought-provoking experiences in this first week:

- Meeting the young people and staff at NVI

- Hearing individual stories of disadvantaged young people and how learning a new skill at NVI has transformed their life

- Making ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonic resources with Ness for trainee teachers.  A whole variety have been made using plastic bottles and tops, string, scissors, metal beer tops and a marker pen!   The phonics training will be delivered later in the week.

- Transforming 2 classrooms and an office at NVI Motor Vehicle section so that young people and their teachers have a decent environment in which to work.

In the week to come I look forward to visiting Walakuba East Primary School with up to 100 children per class (!) a school for the blind and a village outside of Jinja.

The fellowship with my fellow travelling companions has been truly warm and uplifting.  Thank you so much Ugandaid for all you have done.”