We awoke on Sunday morning to thunder, lightning and very heavy rain which continued for about 6 hours. Most of us headed off for church at NVI. As usual we arrived during the endless notices each one ending with the exhortation to ‘be there on time’. The choir performed, proudly wearing their new uniforms – pink shirts for the girls and purple shirts for the boys. They were followed by a dance/choir tribal group of NVI students who were all from a northern Ugandan tribe – the Luo. Their first song was very moving – Jesus is my identity. As they performed they both sang and danced. They finished with a very energetic song accompanied by drums and a whistle – the rhythm was not so well synchronised but their enthusiasm was amazing. It ended with them coming down and danced though the congregation. This was followed by a sermon based on a verse in James – and focussed on the three words pride, grace and humility.

4 of the team went off to a service at Church at Victoria Baptist. A good service, but it went on beyond the time expected with an 80 minute sermon on Ezra’s 6 hour sermon as recorded in the book of Nehemiah. They were thankful that the preacher didn’t speak for the full 6 hours.

After the service at NVI those of us who have sponsored students were able to meet up with them and catch up.

Lunch was at a favourite pizza place. This was followed by the Nile boat trip – a repeat of the one taken by Team 1. We never tire of seeing the incredible range of birds and the monitor lizards.


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