From Bridgewater to Nile water

Monday 13th

A week ago today we left home and flow south for the winter – well a couple of weeks of it.

Two degrees has become 30 degrees, and the Bridgewater canal has been replaced by the Nile – I can’t think why I came really!

Joking apart – the reasons we care became crystal clear today, as 25 of us split in five directions to learn, teach, share and encourage others in projects that covered over 150km of Uganda.

A trip to a primary school in Walukaba, a return to NVI for a formal tour, a 2 ½ hour trip to Passala, teaching at Betty’s with Gospel Cross and a laptop fixing session with Nigel.

At the primary school Naomi proved she was a secret West Ham United fan as she was forever blowing bubbles.

At Gospel Cross Eddie learnt and then taught what to do if and when his waters broke.

At NVI Judith saw chairs being made in the carpentry classroom out of wood from the old roof.

And in Passala Duncan and Peter met and inspirational lady called Francis whose determination and vision is now helping feed her old village through simple but effective irrigation and education.

To add to all that fun, Simon and Phil learnt how NOT to weld, then how to hack saw and weld it again the right way round. It all worked out well in the end.

Night night, zzzzzzz.