Gill's Spotlight

As a nurse I jumped at the opportunity to accompany Peter to Jinja muslim hospital to visit Lukia, a student whose ankle wound was not healing well after a traffic accident.  What a culture shock!  The consulting room was a dirty office piled high with orthopedic equipment.  The surgeon removed the dressing, poured various chemicals over the wound before dressing it with dry gauze and tape.  The wound was not swabbed or checked for infection.    A culture swab costs around £20 here which is unaffordable for most Ugandans, neither can they afford antibiotics.

The hospital had 4 wards, each containing 6 metal beds.  Patients are required to provide their own mattress.  The pit latrine toilets had very little hand-washing water and no soap.  Patients bathe in a trough in the courtyard.

My husband and I had wanted to sponsor a student and decided to sponsor Lukia over a 3-year textile and tailoring course.  It seemed right that having been involved in the care of her ankle wound that we should sponsor Lukia.  Amazingly, a friend at church had given me £20 as God had told her to.  We have used that money to pay for the swab  which was required.  If the wound is found to be infected we will ensure that she receives the antibiotics she needs.  She is a beautiful girl who is cared for by her grandmother, Diana.