Day 13 - Worship service at NVI and Lunch at Jinja Yacht Club

Today was the big day when the team led the Sunday worship at NVI.  We had practised our songs (City on a Hill and 10,000 Reasons – selected by Gill) and rehearsed our skit (under the direction of Ritchie) over the past few days.  Andrew had prepared his talk based on the story of the Wise and Foolish Builder – and our skit featured Christine and Phil in the starring roles.   We were a little concerned that our dramatic efforts would not live up to expectations but we needn’t have worried – it was very well received, especially the part when Paul and Tony ran up and down the aisles shooting water guns simulating the rain and storms.

Andrew’s talk centred on the importance of having a strong foundation of faith in Jesus and how that faith will carry us through the storms of life.  Steve offered the opportunity of receiving prayer at the end of the service and several came forward.

After the service we were able to spend time with the students and staff under the shade of a marquee.  It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and we were sad to say goodbye.

Lunch was booked at Jinja Sailing Club – the smartest and most expensive place any of us had ever been to in Uganda.  It is in a beautiful setting on the banks of the River Nile and we sat outside to eat with our guests – the Senior Management Team of NVI; Eddison, Prossy, Robert, Rogers, Joseph and Rev Luke.  We spent a wonderful relaxed afternoon together and reflected on all we have seen and done over the past 2 weeks.