Julie C's Spotlight

My 11th trip to Uganda and it still blows me away! It’s particularly lovely this year havimg so many of the team experiencing their first Ugandaid trip and seeing it through their eyes.

Each time I have been here there has been something that I have experienced, which has been particularly special.

This year, it was finding out that Amina, the sister of Janet our lovely Ugandan friend from the Nsenge village community, has gained a place as a student at Nile Vocational Institute. Janet is a typical village girl who married early and now has three children. We have met up with her each time we have been to Uganda. She told me during our visit here last October that she had wanted Amina to have the chance to attend NVI and I suggested that she spoke to one of the village elders. Since then, Amina submitted her application and with the help of Joshua Kaninga was accepted on to the hairdressing course.

Geoff and I have had the joy of meeting and getting to know this bubbly, personable young lady and it feels that this story has now come full circle from when we first met Janet eight years ago. I couldn’t be more happy!