Paul S's Spotlight

“Even after the orientation meetings I wasn’t sure what to expect on arrival.  After the first week I am now becoming more aware of the history of NVI and the relationship Ugandaid have with it.

I feel privileged to have been able to contribute a small amount of my time to make NVI a better place for its students, one of which we are looking forward to meeting and sponsoring.

The experience of a small piece of village life was a real eye opener.  The effort expended and gratitude expressed by the villagers was humbling.  I found Jinja town centre both exciting and challenging, due to its array of shops and restaurants, but also because getting there and back required hiring a boarder-boarder motorcycle ride.

I already have many memories from the trip, not forgetting the white water rafting on the Nile.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip and may repeat in the near future.”

Paul S.JPG