Day 4 The Big Gloss on a National Holiday

Today is a National Holiday in Uganda.  The traffic was thankfully quiet, especially on the bridge across the Nile leading to Nile Vocational Institute.

It was heart warming to see the staff at NVI, on what should be a holiday for them, still providing us with the warmest hospitality, which included a hearty lunch of fish and chips (Ugandan style).

Another day of painting the mechanics classrooms was at the centre of our work.  Now the walls of the two classrooms and small offices had received a generous undercoat, the final gloss layer could be applied.

People spent the afternoon in various ways – some went into Jinja, some made resources for a teacher training session at NVI next week using 100s of plastic water bottles.   Meetings were held to arrange the student picnic/games afternoon on Sunday and church services.  The core team have many other meetings and arrangements going on in the background with the common aim of improving lives.

The weather here in Uganda these last few days has been very sunny but extremely hot, even for the locals.  Our dedicated tam leaders; Christine, Peter, Phil, Steve, Tony and Naomi, made sure everyone drank enough water and kept out of the 35°C heat as much as possible.

Over the last few days we have heard many inspiring stories from ex-students and staff and NVI, mainly the stories of Joshua, Joseph, Emanuel and Simon Peter who came to our hotel especially to share their experiences with us.   We will be sharing some of these stories on this blog over the next few days.